Angelman Syndrome Africa (ASA) is a forum providing support for anyone with family members diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome (AS) 

After having seen how little information is available to AS families in Africa and how few people understand what daily life with an Angel is like, ASA was started by Ashleigh Keichel (19) whose sister, Claudia (16) is an Angel living in South Africa.


 Ashleigh and her family would like to share their knowledge and personal experiences to help direct you to resources (products and services) they feel have impacted their lives in a positive way. ASA would like to assist you in finding the necessary support to make your family's life with an Angel as easy as possible!  

Our Mission

to share our knowledge, resources and personal experiences in order to assist other Angel Families living in Africa

Our Vision

to create an online community for all Angel Families living in Africa and to encourage those Angels Families to share their stories with us! 

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