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Homeschooling My Angel

I've heard that homeschooling regular children can be a nightmare, especially with no teaching experience and only your motherly gut instinct and a few YouTube videos and apps to rely on. Now add COVID-19 into the mix and the nightmare becomes a real-life horror movie!

Perhaps I exaggerate, but for those of us with special needs children, this is pretty much how we feel a lot of the time - and that is when our children are actually in school. I'm sure I'm not the only Angel mum who wakes up every day wracked with guilt, wondering what lesson to teach and how on earth to get her child to concentrate for more than 5 minutes before the little Angel turns into ... Chucky!

Fear not, there is an incredible amount of help out there for those of us determined to make a difference in our childrens' lives and create some much-needed sanity in our own. I've added a few Facebook Groups below, which are a lifeline at times like this.

Please use them in whatever way you wish - whether it's to gain some insight into what other Angel mums are doing with their children, to ask any questions you may have, or just to read through the posts and know you are not alone in this homeschooling dilemma of ours.

I've realized it's okay to feel frustrated and out of my depth, and for some (most) days not to go according to plan. I've learned to see the funny side of homeschooling and continue to hope that someday soon Chucky will be angelic.

Happy Homeschooling!

Homeschooled Learners with Angelman Syndrome

Angelman, Literacy, and Education (including Alphabet Therapy)

AAC Through Motivate, Model, Move Out Of The Way

PODD and Angelman Syndrome

PODD Trained Discussion Group

Angelman Syndrome Foundation

PS : My American Angel mum friends, Erin Sheldon and Keisha Tipton, are phenomenal when it comes to assisting with education and communication-related issues. Please look them up on Facebook or contact me for their details.


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