• Ashleigh Keichel

How We Prepared For COVID-19

As a family we have taken every precaution possible to minimise the chance of Claudia contracting or coming in to contact with COVID-19, however, we decided it would be best to create an emergency plan of action in the event that she was to contract the virus.

With this in mind, we felt it would be better to prepare for the worst than to be caught off guard without a clear structure in place to deal with the impact of the virus on Claudia's health.

We took the following steps:

1. Limited the number of people that come in to contact with Claudia.

2. Stopped all therapies and walks in the estate, but continued to do physio with her ourselves on a daily basis at home.

(arranged with her therapists to do online consultations if necessary)

3. Began homeschooling.

(see post: Homeschooling My Angel)

4. Ordered essentials online so that we weren't exposed to the virus in shopping malls.

5. Ensured that we had a 2-3 month supply of her chronic medication, nappies (diapers) and supplements.

6. Started to give Claudia the recommended dose of Zinc, Vitamin D & C.

7. She continues to take her multivitamin and Omega 3.

8. Located the details for the nearest hospital dealing with COVID-19 patients.

9. Completed emergency health care forms (linked below) which are also useful in non-emergency situations.

We hope you find our tips helpful!


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